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Udaipur killing: Police gave security to bizman who received similar threats

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Businessmen in another city were exposed to Islamic literature when Udaipur tailor Kanhaiya Lal was threatened with a Facebook post to assist the suspended Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesman c. I faced a similar threat in the post. Difference: Lal was brutally murdered by two Muslim men for his post earlier this week, but this businessman (family asked for anonymity for his personal safety) Under police protection, continued to hide in a private location.

Development was confirmed by a family member of a businessman, local police, and members of a local organization that submitted the first Information Report (FIR) to him. “The family has not filed any official complaints with us, but we have provided them with security from the day they were found to be vulnerable,” said Ravindra Charan, a police officer at the Savina Police Department. I did.

On June 8th, a man posted a comment on Islamic literature on Facebook. Ashfaq Khan, vice president of the Udaipur branch of the Islamic organization Anjuman Talimul Islam, said his organization has decided to take legal action. The next day, Mujeeb Siddiqui, the president of the organization, submitted the FIR, a copy of which is in HT. According to Kahn, three FIRs were submitted during this period. One was against the businessman on June 9, one against Ral on June 11, and the third at the Platap Nagar police station.

Police said the man was arrested and released on the same day, June 9. Lal was also arrested on June 11, when the FIR was filed against him, and released on bail the day after the compromise was reached.

However, when the man was released, he was threatened and told his relatives that he was being persecuted.

This was the same week that Lal told his wife, Hachimanden, that an unknown man had approached him and contacted the police on June 15. The businessman’s brother repeatedly asked about him and said he had learned from unknown people who tried to identify him. “The family was so scared that the man was hiding for a few days before Lal was killed. He expressed security concerns to the police who had police at home,” police protection said on Tuesday. He added that even horrific killings helped build their confidence.

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