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The Supreme Court slammed former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma over her Prophet remarks

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The Supreme Court on Friday accused former BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma of commenting on the Prophet. The Supreme Court said “her loose tongue” “ignited the whole country” and asked her to apologize to her country for her remarks.

While listening to Nupur Sharma’s motion to send all FIRs related to her remarks to Delhi, the Supreme Court said: Her claim, however, has been a lawyer for 10 years. She should have immediately apologized for her comments across the country. The court refused to consider her plea, saying she “threatened the security of the country.”

“This statement by Nupur Sharma is the cause of the unfortunate murder in Udaipur,” Judge Paldiwara said in a social media post supporting Nupur Sharma that two men were Hindu men. He mentioned that he had been decapitated.

The court also stated that their statement to the Prophet Muhammad was made for either “cheap publicity, political agenda, or fraudulent activity.”

“Is she a threat or a security threat? How she stimulated emotions across the country. This woman is solely responsible for what is happening in the country.” The court added.

However, none of the oral arguments of the Supreme Court today form part of a written order.

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