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The inspiring journey from an entrepreneur to mentor, where Mrs. Siva Poonguzhali hits a record of 600+ students in her first course!

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From entrepreneurship to empowering people and helping them build brands, Mrs. Siva Poonguzhali breaks the stereotypes by mentoring 600+ students to become independent. Come let’s have a look at the recent interview with Mrs. Siva Poonguzhali and know about some recent insights about cosmetics and beauty brands! Mrs. Poonguzhali is the founder of the leading natural and Ayurvedic beauty brand “Poo Vriksham”

Here are a few snippets from her recent interview with India Shine.

Can you share the inspiration behind starting your natural skincare cosmetic brand?

I am a natural beauty enthusiast, and I normally make my own herbal Skincare powders at home to care for my skin. I want to do something nice for future generations by using herbal skincare products instead of chemical goods. So I did a lot of research on herbal products without preservatives. Finally, I had the confidence to launch my own brand, “Poo Vriksham.”

What challenges did you face when entering the cosmetics industry, and how did you overcome them?

As a woman, I have worked really hard to get to where I am now. Many people around me doubted my abilities and said I couldn’t do it, but I embraced their criticisms as a challenge and eventually became a successful entrepreneur.

To combat negativity, you must believe in your own strengths and talents, and work hard to pursue your interest. I exclusively focused on my business.

How does your brand differ from others and what core values do you cater to the audience? Why should people use your brand?

My brand “Poo Vriksham” is different from other brands since every company is focused on profits, but my goal is to make budget-friendly items without preservatives that are focused on quality and customer satisfaction, therefore this means a lot to me and I still have 3000+ satisfied customers.

What motivated you to create a course, and how did you decide on the course topic with 600 students already enrolled, what key elements do you think contributed to the course’s popularity?

I have always concentrated on brand exposure and promotion through social media, as well as celebrity endorsement for my brand (both products and courses). My clients inspired me to develop a course since they made me feel confident in my herbal goods, and I definitely want to start a “Online Herbal Skincare Course” for people who want to work from home and with minimal investment.

My subjects are quite diverse. All brands are focusing on high budget course costs, while my course fees are affordable to everyone who wants to learn and create a business.

How do you balance running your skincare brand and managing the course effectively?

Under Poo Vriksham Company, I have two teams (Products Management) and (Course Teaching Staffs) where my employees will handle online orders for our retail, wholesale, and rebranding of our products and our Course management team (Staffs) will handle online classes in different language batches (Tamil/Hindi/English).

I used to draw the public through promotions with the help of celebrities and my customers’ feedback as a post in social media where people get attracted to my content towards my advertisement, and we have crossed 2 lakhs+ viewers for our Course commercial.

Any plans you have for expanding your product line or course offerings in the future? How do you stay motivated and overcome challenges that arise while managing both your brand and educational platform?

I’m still researching new goods through ayurvedic texts and hope to provide more herbal products in the future while remaining true to my brand through quality in my products and true to my students through rules.

In the near future, I intend to offer Offline Classes to my students who cannot learn in a live session for a better experience and knowledge. I keep myself motivated every day by thinking positively and keeping strong to do good for future generations by living a chemical-free lifestyle, thus I have to work hard to plant budding entrepreneurs for the future.

We wish Mrs. Siva Poonguzhali all the best for her future endeavors with success coming her way!

My name is Shivam Kumar. Working as a content writer for a variety of websites, including Indianstories.live. In addition, I am currently the CEO of two digital marketing firms, Weboindia and Enrestro. For the past 5+ years, I've been writing blogs for over 30 websites and many guest blogs.

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