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Seema Agarwal’s Journey in creating her own jewellery brand

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From childhood, Seema Agarwal had the zeal to participate in every stage performance. She always had a keen interest in designing every bit of thing be it fashion designing, interior designing or any type of designing which involves creativity.

Although coming from a conservative family in which women were not allowed to move out. That’s when she decided that she can change anything in her favour because she had a deal to prove that she can surely do something big in life. She wanted to make her life and she made her life herself and proved it.

Then she started this journey from the home and firstly she started with paper and beaded jewellery then she came to silver jewellery then finally she got the confidence of making real diamond Jewellery. Later when it grew on a big scale she shifted her base from home to a jewellery store which is in D’mall, Pitampura, New Delhi.
And that was the turning point of her life. And then she never looked back and open her second store which is in south Ex-1, New Delhi.

She had always been synonymous with craftmanship, quality and beautiful designs. She strives to create masterpieces which are customised to enhance the aura of every woman.
Mrs Seema Agarwal has also been awarded many awards like the Rajiv Gandhi, Excellence award, Bharat Gaurav award, Shyama prasad Mukherjee award etc.
She also participated in various exhibitions such as Vogue, Bridal Asia, BMW Fashion week, FDCI.etc.

Now she has renowned established brand catering to the niche market, specialising in bridal diamond & polki jewellery worldwide and has two stores one in Dmall, Pitampura and the other one in South Ex-1, New Delhi.

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