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On Agnipath protests, Asaduddin Owaisi demands PM Modi does this

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Asaduddin Owaisi, chief of the All India Majlis-Muslim Council, called the Agnipass program a false decision by the Center, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi must withdraw it in the same way that he canceled the three farming practices. Said.

“The Agnipass program is a completely wrong decision by the government and is not good for the country at all. Prime Minister Modi considers our Navy officers and soldiers to be contract employees or contract instructors, but they The profession is excellent, “Owaishi told the agency.

“Just as Prime Minister Modi revoked the law on land and farms, he must also revoke this decision (Agnipas project) for national security and youth,” Owaishi added.

The AIMIM chief called for the withdrawal of the Agnipass program, which caused fierce protests across the country.

“Stop hiding behind Mr. Modi, the chief of the Sir @PMO India Army. Take responsibility for your reckless decisions and have the courage to face the consequences. The anger of the country’s youth towards their future is you. Is aimed only at you, “he tweeted yesterday.

Owaishi also recalled Rajiv Goswami’s 1990 suicide in response to a report by the Mandal Commission. “If you have financial difficulties, very high unemployment, and very high inflation, the result is always street anger. The fourth factor contributing to these flames is the arrogance and arrogance that @PMOIndia hides behind the service chief, “he tweeted.

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