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Meet one of the most talented girl of Patna -Mili Kumari in our latest interview on Indianstories.live

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Mili Kumari is one of the most talented girls in Patna. Her name means a girl who loves to meet and greet people, she does and loves to gain knowledge from her peers.

She is an enthusiastic girl with multiple talents. From make-up and writing to judging beauty pageants, Mili Kumari is certainly the rising star of the Chath Bhumi, Patna. She believes that one should be a gold medalist in self-love.

After completing her Graduation in English from GDM College Patna, she started pursuing a Diploma in Pharmacy from Lloyd school of pharmacy, Greater Noida, Delhi.

She never stopped learning and thought of doing something different like coloring faces, in short, took herself the course of Professional makeup artist course from Vah Vah institute.
She is co-author of 10+ anthologies, with two podcasts & two interviews on Spotify, ganna, Jio Sawan she is an awardee of the following awards :

  • Literary choice award 2021
  • Inspiro award 2021
  • Achievement award 2021
  • Indipride award 2021
  • Indian Noble Awards 2022

She has also been the cover page for two of the known magazines: The Pride of India & Allureiva

Mili Kumari has recently joined Profound Writers which is a good platform for every writer, her meditation point is Profound Writers she loves how calm and positive vibes that community gives her. She is also a content creator on the channel Profound Writers on YouTube. She is Head of Profound Creation Troupers.

Watch Mili Kumari’s latest live video interview with Indian Stories Live:

Art resides in her heart, she is planning for script writing in the future and is currently working on her solo book.

Mili Kumari was the judge of the beauty pageant Mr. and Mrs . Stars Patna audition round. She is having collaborations for all her not-so-perfect but still close to perfect yes her acting skills.

Mili is a deep believer in Self-love. She says one should love herself or himself. It is the biggest amount to earn. It might help in mental health. Even she says women should be financially stable. Nor her father, brother, or husband have taken any degree to feed her. Her favorite color is blue and pink. She is a shutterbug and loves making reels of Instagram. You can follow her at @biharibabuni_

At the last but not least she is a mystery still to reveal. You can search who the most talented girl of Patna is on Google and all her information would appear.

My name is Shivam Kumar. Working as a content writer for a variety of websites, including Indianstories.live. In addition, I am currently the CEO of two digital marketing firms, Weboindia and Enrestro. For the past 5+ years, I've been writing blogs for over 30 websites and many guest blogs.

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