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‘Love Triangle’ by Shivangi Srivastava

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Indian Stories gives you the opportunity to read and review the write-ups/poems by popular writers/poets. Today’s content is written by Shivangi Srivastava.

Who is Shivangi Srivastava?

Shivangi Srivastava likes travelling and observing new things. She has completed B.Tech from UPES, Dehradun in 2012 and has more than six years of experience in the IT industry like HCL technologies and AMS India. She is also in love with literature and art . She has been interested in painting since her childhood. Her sketches are mainly charcoal-based pencil drawings, and she has a basic knowledge of watercolor paintings. She has been actively involved in writing as well and participated in various anthologies and various contests at storymirror in the year 2022.

Write-up on Love Triangle by Shivangi Srivastava

There was a brilliant student; her name was Shweta. She was an excellent student with limited resources. She was not very rich. When she enters her engineering college in Delhi, she sees everyone as stylish and more beautiful than her. Her father expired at a very young age. She used to stay with her mother in a small town in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. Shweta was not a very wise person. She was very much attracted to the personalities of her Delhi batchmates. She sometimes borrowed their jewellery and clothes. Due to this, her image was not very good. Nobody liked her. There was a guy named Aryan who was pretty rich and handsome. His parents were living in London. He talks to Shweta as she was a college topper. He initially started taking help from her on assignments. But when they met, Shweta was a girl who liked to be a bit more sophisticated and he was more like the other type.

Aryan was an average college student when Shweta came to his dorm and started to ask for his number. He said yes and then started to flirt with her. She starts to get annoyed. It was already getting late, so she went back home. At that time in the afternoon, a girl entered her dorm room and started to talk with her. Aryan saw how cute Shweta looked and got even more attracted to her. He asked her out to eat, and they went out to a restaurant. It seemed to Shweta that he was interested in her. She also wanted a boyfriend at this point in time, when no one was very friendly. Aryan wanted her to look prettier, so she started to sometimes steal money from her hostel mates to spend on a parlour and to go out with him for a party without really understanding the consequences. Students were friendly to Shweta only because she was very intelligent and got brilliant grades in each semester. Many were jealous of her as teachers used to praise her most of the time, so they emphasised her negative traits like stealing and her absurd attitude to ruin her image. She thought that Aryan loved her but was not the kind of guy who would break up with her after a week of dating. One day, she decided to give in to her desires and kiss him. When she kissed Aryan’s lips, it felt like fire was going through his body and his head was spinning. He wanted more, but stopped himself. He knew he should break it off and told her to forget about it. But she didn’t believe him, so she tried to make Aryan fall in love with her again. So she gave her boyfriend gifts and completed all her assignments for that term, trying to attract Aryan back. That night, Shweta left the house. Aryan was astounded to see such an attitude from someone and began gossiping with his friends about Shweta and how desperate she was for him.Shweta realises this and starts crying and tells her friends to stay away from Aryan as he is selfish and only uses others. She stops talking to Aryan. One night at the party, Aryan meets this beautiful girl, Parul, from a different branch and stays in Delhi. Her enigmatic personality attracted her and Aryan fell for her. Aryan began to be friends with her. They started getting closer to one another and spent the night together. The next morning, they both started to talk about what happened the previous night. Aryan tells Parul that he can’t stop thinking about her. They start kissing, and Aryan feels as though he could die if they continue. Parul doesn’t listen to him and continues kissing him. Then something weird starts happening. They heard music playing loudly inside the room while looking around. Aryan looks at Parul worriedly. “Do you feel that too?” He asks. After some seconds, they realise that the music is coming from the speakers outside the window. Both of them walk outside to take a look. It was Shweta who saw them together and was disgusted. She hated them and began to yell at both of them. Her heart broke that day and she was very depressed. She took sick leave from college for a month and went back to her home. She tells her mother everything that has happened between her and Aryan. Her mother was upset and felt guilty because Shweta was her child and she loved her dearly. She explains to Shweta that we may not be rich, but we still have unique intelligence to gather all the richness of the world. Stop begging for clothes, money, and love. You have everything to achieve all these things in life. I promise you will never be rejected by anyone. I promise this will be your last breakup. Shweta decides to follow her mother’s advice. She returned to college and concentrated solely on her studies.She encourages them not to copy assignments from others but helps them learn the subject quickly. She gradually improved her image in college and got placed in one of the highest-paying companies. Her mother always knew she was destined for greatness and that she needed to take care of herself first before helping anyone else. Her success has inspired many people. Aryan was the same person who used to flirt with Shweta who now became his friend and confidante. Sometimes she takes him to parties or just watches films with him. Aryan always asks Shweta to tell him about any problems she is having, but Shweta refuses, saying, “you are the one causing trouble, and I do not want to burden you with my problems.”As the college year ended, she moved to Mumbai and earned really well. She became smarter and prettier. She made an alliance with an intelligent and rich man who also struggled a lot to reach the position and became her best friend and always guided her. When she thinks of the past, she is proud of the fact that nobody has been able to reject her now after that last breakup.

My name is Shivam Kumar. Working as a content writer for a variety of websites, including Indianstories.live. In addition, I am currently the CEO of two digital marketing firms, Weboindia and Enrestro. For the past 5+ years, I've been writing blogs for over 30 websites and many guest blogs.

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