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Love Triangle by Bhawna Mishra

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Indian Stories gives you the opportunity to read and review the write-ups/poems by popular writers/poets. Today’s content is written by Bhawna Mishra.

Who is Bhawna Mishra?

Bhawna Mishra, research Scholar in P.G Department of English Magadh University Bodh-Gaya, Bihar. She is doing her research on Feminism in Mahasweta Devi ‘s Major fiction .She is an assistant editor of Satrachee –An International Bilingual Research Journal. She has presented her research papers in National & International seminars too. She is co-author of more than 35+ anthologies .She has compiled an anthology DADIRRI under Ukiyoto publication.Her own anthology *Astitva*is published under SGSH publication and available on Amazon too. LANGLIT AN INTERNATIONAL PEER REVIEWED OPEN  ACCESS JOURNAL also published her three poems. She   is equally active in Hindi literature too; her poems & stories got published in Hindustan newspaper Patna edition. Mostly she writes about society and women. She is awarded on 8thMarch 2021 by HERSTORY TIMES, for her active participation in Prithvi- women Women’s Climate Warriors campaign. She got an innovative teacher award by ZIIEI, Sri Aurobindo Society .She wants to do something for women as she wonders that both nature and women have endless patience but now it’s a time to rethink about both of them.

Love Triangle by Bhawna Mishra

Love Triangle by Bhawna Mishra

Aakash  and Akansha were classmates and neighbours. Although Akansha likes Aakash but , Aakash was unknown about it, but he always care about Akansha.One day a beautiful and sexy girl entered in college , boys were staring at her. Someone said


 Everyone was curious to know ,which stream she belongs.

Suddenly she asked Aakash , “excuse  me where is commerce block??”

Aakash was surprised at her beauty.

“Ohh .this side left .”

Whispered in his mind so glamorous.

After lunch- break . Akansha was searching for Aakash ,she asked Heena..hi..! Have you seen Aakash .

Heena said…”oh yes he is talking with that new girl really she is so beautiful.”

Aakansha was very angry “. beautiful my foot .

I am beautiful too “.she started calling Aakash..and he was ignoring her call.

 Next day she was in fever. Aakash went to meet her.A tear was rolling in her cheeks. She said oh .Aakash will you leave me

Aakash smiled and said .

No, never you are my bestfriend. After all I share all my bad secrets with you and both of them laughed together. Aakansha just listen to me “do you believe in love at first sight..I am in love guess the girl baby .

 Akansha said that new girl ..

And Aakash said I knew it you will guess right.

Akansha suddenly turned and smiled.she was telling herself she should confessed earlier…and she was in tears.

Let’s meet tomorrow in college, Aakash left.

Whole night Akansha cried. but next day she decided, she can’t leave Aakash for the sake of love she was knowing she will lose ,a best friend too

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