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In an Exclusive talk with Indianstories Madhurima Guruju shares her comeback story after her battle with Covid

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Madhurima Guruju known for her poetry books Musings on Life and “Musings and Memories” is all set to mark her entry to the literary field after almost the break of three months. During this period, Madhurima’s health had been the most focus amongst peers in the industry. As the writer hasn’t been contributing much to social media, all of her followers have sent concern for her sudden disappearance.

“My health was off track not that I deliberately disappeared. But having spent time on myself and the two months of detox, indeed helped me heal faster” says Madhurima

For her upcoming novel updates, Madhurima had to experience negative energy that she considers the best learning lesson to stay away from social media activities.
“Social media played a massive role in negative impact on my mental health. But I should be blamed for this for being way too expressive”.

Watch her exclusive interview with Indianstories on youtube:

As Madhurima had been diagnosed by Covid earlier, during the isolation phase, she had confessed to having discovered her own identity. Slow life is the principle she believes in for the long run.
“Life is so chaotic and even short. During the time of isolation, my spiritual path helped me seek light and rejuvenated my lost soul once again”

With every negative remark, now Madhurima fixates to propel a positive outcome.
“Negativity helps. It ignites the rotten engine in my head which I forgot to refuel and I thank every outcome in this universe for helping me to grow”

The writer has been staying away from social media since the isolation and hasn’t returned yet. When being asked if she misses any of the activities and hype going about her, she confirms to have withdrawn expectations of measuring herself to higher standards as the writer believes, she has a long way to go.

“I am not at all a competitive person. And for some reason I cannot handle chaos now that I am away from wider attention, I am working on my books in peace. I haven’t achieved anything yet and so I have no right to invest expectations on my journey which in this case, I forgot to enjoy the process but now it hits me hard and isolation helped me to attain enlightenment”

Currently, Madhurima’s upcoming novel ‘When Love Lasts’ is in healthy progress and the writer is already setting embark on a couple of other projects which she is excited about.

With this, we conclude by giving her best wishes and looking forward to the release.

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