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GOD BLESS YOU DEVIL KISS YOU: Are You Ready to Enter Heaven or Hell

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God Bless You Devil Kiss You by Luna. J

Hell or Heaven? Do you really know which is which?

Find out through this gateway to an alternate dimension where the past, present and future meets, and where love and horror reigns. Enter a world in which the veil between heaven and hell has faded to non-existence, faded to nothing.

A world of rogue princesses, mortal goddesses, exiled madwomen, formidable femme fatales, pet hellhounds, deadly witches, beautiful beasts, daring heretics, narcissistic guardian angels, untimely dreamers, and many others.

Kindled by legends and myths, the author has devised an anthology featuring strong-willed and badass heroines in alluring and strangely addictive tales of darkness and light, and everything in between that can transport you to faraway lands filled with romance, revenge, and redemption. This collection of tales is filled with far-fetched notions and a grotesquely optimistic sense of pessimism that can either merge or diverge with the perspective of the reader with every turn of the page.

Are you ready to enter Heaven or Hell?

Luna. J, the author, says, “I have always been fascinated with the concepts of light and darkness, good and evil and how they are usually, ‘assumed’ to be mutually exclusive of each other. Back in seventh grade, I came across a book of myths and legends and, ever since then, I have been intrigued by them all. So, I decided to concoct a collection of tales in various genres, inspired from multiple mythology and legends, with the concepts of Hell and Heaven at its center. Years of silent questions stemming from living in a double-edged world resulted in this cross-genre anthology which is also my very first processed tree carcass. Some of these stories are meant to be read in silence, some are meant to be understood between the lines, some are meant to be felt by the senses, some are meant to be heard with the heart and some are, simply, meant to be read aloud. Dear reader, who has chosen my book, I hope you enjoy my stories. I’m lucky to have readers who are willing to follow me, be it Heaven or Hell!”

This book is available in amazon titled ‘God Bless You Devil Kiss You’


Who is Author Luna. J?

Luna. J, the recipient of the Aspiring Writer Award 2022, is a storyteller and the author of the book ‘God Bless You Devil Kiss You’ is, also, a voracious book-dragon who has received the 21st Century Jane Austen Reader’s Award. Hailing from India, the author, Luna J is living a spontaneous lifestyle surrounded by her loving family and an inner circle who, miraculously, believes that her friendship is worth her insanity and troubles. Her collection of over 3500 paperbacks reflects her love for exploring the stunning world of words.

Author Luna J is known to be too wild to last and too tough to die; an entity of oxymoron, living a life of contradictions and unraveling her soul through fiery musings, who, apart from writing, has also ventured into the art of camping and being under a tattoo gun, both kept in check by her worldly troubles and financial crisis. Her love for ink is endless, both on the paper and on the skin.

GOD BLESS YOU DEVIL KISS YOU: Are You Ready to Enter Heaven or Hell
GOD BLESS YOU DEVIL KISS YOU: Are You Ready to Enter Heaven or Hell

Author Luna is a dabbler at many things who is, also, an anthologist whose penchant for writing has inspired her to pen many poems and stories in more than 30 anthologies till date. Officially, she is a Literature and Tourism Major, while unofficially, she has a PhD in answering a question with a question. She likes to dabble in fashion and magick to her heart’s content. Luna is a Pantheist and an astrophile who is passionate about music and literature. Some of her peculiar interests are Historical Fiction, reading while walking, cycling, smashing patriarchy, baking, befriending stray animals and writing poetic notions about the paws and snouts of the creatures, etc. Her fields of expertise include Literary Criticism, daydreaming about fictional scenarios, hibernating with books, falling in love with the underside of trees and some more.

Luna. J believes that a woman can be an enthralling forest fairy and still be an intimidating Hell Goddess at the same time because Hecate had three forms. She is a grotesquely optimistic young woman who is a hard-core believer of happy endings; who reassures herself that it’s not the end if it’s not happy and works harder to achieve happiness, in the end. She is a hopeless romantic at heart who is also an eccentric and old school when it comes to romance. She is a funny cosmic entity who is a hard-core believer of the ‘soulmates’ concept and is hopefully waiting for her own to stumble by, someday. She is a staunch believer of the saying ‘Some beautiful paths cannot be discovered without getting lost.’ She, also, believes that a good book will take a person to places that don’t even exist. She makes her world more beautiful by collecting beautiful books and treasuring them. A wanderer who feels right at home anywhere she goes, she is on the path of self-discovery through literary exploration and spiritual evolution.

Luna. J can be reached @authorlunaofficial on Instagram or through jailu810@gmail.com


“She lives the poetry that she cannot write”
– Oscar Wilde

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