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Gauahar Khan revealed that she lost a role in Slumdog Millionaire after five rounds of auidtion because she was ‘too good-looking for it’.

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Gauhal Khan recently announced that he had auditioned for the Academy Award-winning Hollywood movie Slumdog Millionaire. Her actress even claimed that film director Danny Boyle praised her and couldn’t believe she trained in India. Gauhal auditioned for her role in her slam dog $ Millionaire for five rounds, but she said she lost because she “looks too good”.

Gauhal Khan lost the slam dog $ Millionaire. Because she looked too beautiful. Speaking of her
her movie companions, Gauhar called her a great actor, but she couldn’t cast her as someone in the slums. She states: She said, “One of the biggest projects I lost in my life was because I was looking too much. It was Slamdog $ Millionaire. I met Danny Boyle and auditioned for five rounds. After the fifth round, he said, “You are a great actor, are you sure you were trained in India?” I had little experience at the time and said, “I trained in India.” He said, “You speak like an actor from India, not an Indian, but how did you experience that?” He said: “You’re a very nice actor, but somehow I can’t cast you here because I need to match the three age groups and I can’t put your face in the slums. “I can be in the slums, give me a try,” Gauhal said, adding that the fact that Danny Boyle thought she was a good actress was enough. Creator Shin tried not to make her so handsome. “At Rocket Shin, the goal was not to make me so handsome. Simitte Sir would say:’iski aankho pe aur pink lagao, ispe aur jarring lipstick lagao’ because it looked like that. Was a character. Uskolagta is a fashionable high buddy, but she shouldn’t look super handsome. I reached the set and Shimit Sir still says “Bahaut prettylag rahi hai, isko kuch aur green check”. “Meliperi movie high!” She added.

She also participated in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 3. Gauhal is the winner of Big Boss Season 7. She also appeared as a senior player in Big Boss 14. She played a central role in Saif Ali Khan’s Tandab

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