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From Business Owner to International Author: The Inspiring Story of Author Ram Kadam

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Author Ram Kadam is one of the many talented writers in India who have contributed to the diverse world of art and literature in the country. He has gained exposure in both regional languages and English, popularizing the concept of Indian literature all across the globe.

Inspired by the Harry Potter series, Author Ram Kadam decided to pen down his first fiction book in 2002. This gave birth to his first novel, “Henry Marlon: And the Truth,” which was initially published in Marathi language. The author tirelessly penned down the novel in a span of three years from 2012 to 2015.

Post its publication in Marathi, his Marathi publisher was hugely inspired with the story and pronounced that it must match the Hollywood concept of the story. With this encouragement, the author translated the Marathi version into an English story, and then came the English version of “Henry Marlon: And the Truth” in the year 2018 published by Partridge Publisher (USA).

The story revolves around the life of Henry Marlon, a young man who is on a quest to know about his past lives and his future. In this pursuit, he meets someone who gives him a book named “Truth.” The book enables Henry Marlon to not just go through his past births but also to know himself better. This is a story of love, bravery, loyalty, and also wickedness. It takes readers on a journey across different eras, slowly unfolding the story of Henry through his various births.

As readers go on this journey, they realize that whatever happens in our life is somehow connected to our previous birth. “Truth” means the future of Henry Marlon and many secrets because it contains the life-death cycle of Henry. But if “Truth” falls into the hands of someone else, that person will be able to reveal the existence of Henry by misusing the book. It is quite possible that due to this, Henry’s life can prove to be meaningless. Similarly, if anyone’s blood comes in contact with “Truth,” then that person can precisely read the future of Henry Marlon.

Born and raised in a simple middle-class family, Author Ram Kadam’s journey of life has never been easy. Despite facing many obstacles, he could give wings to his dreams of becoming an author with the support of his family, and he owes his success mostly to his father. Though he couldn’t become an actor, he has earned huge accolades as an international author.

Milind Tulshiram Kadam, popularly known as Author Ram Kadam, was born in April 1979 and holds a diploma in Computer Engineering from the Naval Institute of Technology in Mumbai. For 12 years, he remained self-employed and chose to serve his father’s business of garments. However, due to some reason, he had to shut down his garment business. It was at that point in time when an idea struck his mind to pen down a novel, and that’s when he wrote “Henry Marlon: And the Truth.” Now he devotes all his time to writing, and currently, he lives in Mumbai with his family.

Roadblocks on the way to success are a part of life, and it’s the grit that keeps you moving forward despite any obstacle. Author Ram Kadam believed in himself and his family, and it is his self-faith that helped him push through his obstacles. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything!

Who is Author Ram Kadam?

Author Ram Kadam is an Indian author who gained exposure in both regional and English languages. He is known for his book “Henry Marlon: And the Truth”, which was initially published in Marathi and later translated into English.

What is Author Ram Kadam’s background?

Author Ram Kadam was born in April 1979 in Mumbai, India. He holds a diploma in Computer Engineering from Naval Institute of Technology in Mumbai. Prior to becoming an author, he was self-employed in his father’s garment business for 12 years.

What inspired Author Ram Kadam to become an author?

Author Ram Kadam was inspired to become an author after reading the Harry Potter series. He began writing his own fiction book in 2002, which later became “Henry Marlon: And the Truth”.

What is “Henry Marlon: And the Truth” about?

“Henry Marlon: And the Truth” is a story about a young man named Henry who is on a quest to discover his past lives and future. He meets someone who gives him a book called “Truth”, which allows him to travel through his past lives and learn more about himself. However, the book also contains many secrets and if it falls into the wrong hands, it could lead to disaster.

What is Author Ram Kadam doing now?

Author Ram Kadam is currently a full-time author and is working on his next book. He lives in Mumbai with his family.

How long did it take for Author Ram Kadam to write “Henry Marlon: And the Truth”?

Author Ram Kadam spent three years writing “Henry Marlon: And the Truth”, from 2012 to 2015.

Has Author Ram Kadam won any awards for his writing?

At the time of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, I couldn’t find any information regarding awards won by Author Ram Kadam for his writing.

What language is “Henry Marlon: And the Truth” originally written in?

“Henry Marlon: And the Truth” was originally written in Marathi language and was later translated into English.

Does Author Ram Kadam have any other published works?

At the time of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, I couldn’t find any information regarding other published works by Author Ram Kadam besides “Henry Marlon: And the Truth”.

What advice does Author Ram Kadam have for aspiring writers?

In an interview, Author Ram Kadam advised aspiring writers to never give up on their dreams and to keep writing even if it seems difficult. He also emphasized the importance of self-belief and hard work in achieving success.

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