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Expecting Daddy Delivers: One of a kind book written for an expecting Dad

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How has it been so far?”  Confession of an expecting dad who would helplessly watch his partner throw up and rush to get a bucket or a plastic bag to her bedside, saving her the trip to the toilet. “Don’t ask? I have been also bending over a plastic bag filled with vomit and dealing with these terrible mood swings. Somebody please make her understand that it’s not easy for me either, I’m also going through the pregnancy with her.  I am figuring out how to handle the mood swings. I don’t know what to do or what to say exactly but I am trying my level best to be there for her and the baby?”

An expecting dad may not experience the various changes that pregnancy brings forth in his partner’s body and mind. Nevertheless he can definitely be his partner’s knight in shining armour, his baby’s first super hero and deliver care, support and strength during pregnancy and childbirth.  He just needs to get informed and understand the process of pregnancy and childbirth, how it impacts his partner’s life in turn affecting his own?

This book being one of its kind for expecting dads which provides apt information, explanations, simple & easy to follow tips to take care of his partner’s physical, mental and emotional needs during the challenging ten months. Read on, and together, as a couple, bond and make beautiful memories during the pregnancy.

The book is also available in Hindi and is titled Behtar Pati Behtareen Pita.


About Author Rakhi Kapoor

About Author Rakhi Kapoor
About Author Rakhi Kapoor

Wearing various hats as an Indian woman Rakhi Kapoor takes the game to a whole new level. A Bengali by birth, she is a renowned physiotherapist, prenatal counsellor, entrepreneur, author, speaker and globe-trotter.

Rakhi has been featured among the top ten writers of 2021 and 2022 in various surveys and editorials. She has received the Exceptional women of Excellence Award by Yuukke , a global ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.

Rakhi published her first book, “The Girl Who Was Left Behind” in 2017 – a story that was transcribed from her personal experience in Nepal. Rakhi’s writing career started with a plot twist. It was on a trek in Nepal hiking in the Himalayan range that she fell sick and was left behind to comeback on her own to civilization. The experiences gathered while wandering in the wilderness through the tough mountainous terrain heartbroken and dejected inspired her to write her first book.

She has been nicknamed a serial author by her publishing team. She has published twenty five books on various topics in both fiction and nonfiction category.  Four of her books topped the best seller chart in its category on Amazon India. Her book Expecting Daddy Delivers is the first of it’s kind written by an Indian author for Indian men and has been translated in to Hindi  titled “ Behtar Pati Behataren Pita”.

Rakhi Kapoor’s books capture a unique blend of a traditional and innovative approach for modern life with simple solutions for several issues relating to child birth & pregnancy,  self help, relationships, mental health and several complicated and often neglected issues of life.The purpose of her writing is to start a rebellion within each individual so that they can live their life to their greatest potential and make their dreams come true. 

Her latest (25th book)“Now You Breathe”  overcoming on toxic relationships and abuse is beginning to cause ripples.

Rakhi kapoor’s Entrepreneurial skills take her through various start-up ventures. She is the pioneer in the concept of antenatal counselling sessions which is an equivalent of the western Lamaze concept in India. With over two decades of experiences, she has reached out to thousands of couples working with high risk pregnancies, multiple births, infertility issues and normal pregnancy through her centre called Dwi Maternity Studio ,which focuses on antenatal care for expecting couples.


Rakhi Kapoor co-founded the popular Men’s Fashion Brand called Derby Mens  Wear along with her husband Vijay Kapoor which is based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Rakhi is an avid trekker, as much as Rakhi loves staying indoors engrossed in writing she also loves to explore nature travelling extensively and trekking mountains in various parts of the world. She has completed treks to the Mt Fuji, The Everest base camp, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Annapurna circuit, Bagini Glacier, Spiti Valley and Harmukh Glacier. Rakhi believes that challenges and difficult circumstances are opportunities in disguise to grow in life. Her love for climbing and conquering new mountains and challenges only keeps growing! Rakhi believes that challenges and difficult circumstances are opportunities in disguise to grow in life.



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