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Enter the ultimate ‘Gods on Trial: The Series™’ fan competition and win exclusive prizes handpicked by Opëshum herself | Here is all you need to do

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Get ready to be transported to an imaginative world of gods, revolution, and power struggles with Opëshum’s latest sci-fi masterpiece, ‘Beyond the Father’! This gripping novel is causing a stir in the literary world, setting the stage for the thrilling new series ‘gods on Trial: The Series™.’ Join the characters on the planet Xżyber, where metal beings oppress their organic counterparts, and religion is used to justify brutal subjugation.

Experience the story through the eyes of eccentric gods who observe and engage in thought-provoking conversations with their astute companions, and follow Prince Anglid’s quest into the unexplored Area X, which could change everything. Just when you think you have it figured out, Opëshum throws in another unexpected twist!

Critics and fans alike are praising Opëshum’s intricate plot and imaginative world-building, making it a must-read for sci-fi enthusiasts. Plus, the promise of a larger sci-fi series has generated excitement among fans, sparking discussions and debates among readers who are eagerly anticipating the next installment.

Who is Opëshum, the mastermind behind this captivating novel? She’s a talented writer who believes that characters choose their writers to share their stories with the world. Although she prefers to remain behind the scenes, her writing style is said to be gripping and suspenseful. Opëshum is currently residing in Sheridan, Wyoming, where she’s working on the second book in the series.

Don’t miss out on this must-read sci-fi novel that explores important themes such as oppression, revolution, and power dynamics. Get your copy of ‘Beyond the Father: Book 1’ now on Amazon Kindle and join the Xżyberians on their quest for survival. Who knows, the author may even consider releasing a Hindi translation for Indian readers in the near future. Get ready for a journey like no other!”

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World Famous author, Opëshum, will be opening The 2023 Favorite Fan Competition on June 1st and closing it for entries on June 30th. If you love SciFi and Fantasy Fiction Novels, and have a solid following on Instagram, you are eligible to enter the competition, and compete for the title of being Opëshum’s FAVORITE FAN of 2023 along with s cash prize of $75 U.S!!!!!! 

Contest Rules (Read and Follow them carefully)

• Read Beyond the Father -Book 1 of Gods on Trial: The Series™️

• Prepare a 4 minute video reel on Instagram, sharing your detailed analysis of the book, the plot, themes, greatest problems facing at least two chapters, and what you liked most about the book.

• Reels must be authentically yours and reflect actual content in the book. Brief recap summaries of the book synopses are not eligible to win.

• The completion opens on June 1st, which means those competing may start posting their Instagram reels as soon as June 1.

• The competition closes on June 30th, meaning the last eligible reels must be posted on Instagram no later than 12 midnight IST on June 30, 2023

• The 2023 Favorite Fan will be named in mid-July via 1) an announcement on Goodreads, 2) the author’s Instagram, and 3) on two major newspapers in India!!

• Only one winner will be selected.

• The Winner will be selected by Opëshum.

• Contestants can borrow a copy of the book from a friend, or get a copy of the book on Kindle here https://www.amazon.in/Beyond-Father-Book-Trial-SeriesTM-ebook/dp/B0BL3YPKWN

Or paperback copy here:


• You must email the author directly to register for the competition before you start. There is no registration fee, but in order to register for the competition, you must email Opëshum at BookReviews@godsontrial.com

• In your email include your name and link to your Instagram page so that the author and judges at the publishing house can view your reel when you start posting your book analysis

What does the winner get?

🏆 $75 U.S

🏆 A personally autographed paperback collectors copy of the book, signed with the author’s famous purple pen

🏆 A Gods on Trial T-shirt

🏆 And the coveted title of Opëshum’s FAVORITE FAN OF 2023!!

To quote Opëshum,

“This is a competition of great minds and deep thinkers who love literature, and who are ready to vie for the win against other bibliophiles.”

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