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ED files prosecution complaint against Amnesty International India and other related entities in money laundering case

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The ED’s investigation into the so-called human rights organization began following a lawsuit filed by the CBI for violating FCRA rules. The CBI has booked Amnesty International India Pvt Ltd, Amnesty International Trust Indians, Amnesty International India Foundation Trust and others under Section 120 (B) of the IPC, and Sections 11, 35 & 39 of FCRA (Regulation Act) External Contributions), 2010.

Based on the CBI FIR, the ED had filed a lawsuit and launched an investigation under the Money Laundering Prevention Act, 2002 (PMLA). In an investigation, the ED found that Amnesty International India Foundation Trust was registered with the FCRA for foreign funding for 2011-12. But over time the registration was revoked following a disagreement with the organization. And that is where the organization began to violate Indian laws in order to receive foreign currency without permission.

According to the ED, following the termination of FCRA registration with the Amnesty International India Foundation Trust (AIIFT), they have established for-profit companies to raise foreign investment in the delivery of services and FDI. The team established Amnesty International India Pvt Ltd (AIIPL) and the Indian Amnesty International Trust (IAIT) in 2013-14 and 2012-13 respectively to escape the FCRA route and gained forex responsibly by sending the service and and FDI.

Under this new form of foreign exchange even after the revocation of the FCRA license, Amnesty International, U.K. had sent Rs 51.72 Crore to Amnesty International India Pvt on behalf of FDI and also as payment for export services. However, the group was unable to provide any evidence for such documents.

According to the so-called export of services to Amnesty UK, no invoices and copies of agreements between the two parties have been sent to the Authorized Merchant Banks. Similarly, the amount obtained in the name of FDI was used for the normal activities of Amnesty International, called “public service”. Therefore, the group violated the rules on the misuse of FDI.

Earlier the ED had stated, “It is important to note that Amnesty International India Pvt Ltd and others received Rs 51.72 crore per export service and FDI from Amnesty International (UK) its source as donations from donors individually. ”

The ED said all Amnesty International organizations involved in the trade had obtained criminal funding and put the same in the form of various movable buildings. Earlier the ED had attached moving buildings costing Rs 19.56 crore to this. AIIPL and IAIT bank accounts have also been attached by the agency.

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