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Droupadi Murmu, an Odisha tribal leader, is the BJP’s presidential candidate.

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The BJP on Tuesday nominated Droupadi Murmu, the national leader of the Odisha party, as the NDA’s representative in the presidential election, delivering an essential political message after promoting Dalit Ram Nath Kovind, to the top five years ago.

BJP president JP Nadda announced his name at a press conference following the party’s parliamentary board meeting, which included Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other senior leaders.

Murmu, 64, the former governor of Jharkhand, will be Odisha’s first-person and the first woman in the Nation to hold a top constitutional seat if elected, which is likely to be as the staggering figures favor the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance. (NDA).

Earlier, the opposition party announced Yashwant Sinha as his running mate. Voting is scheduled for July 18.


Shortly after Murmu was elected BJP-led NDA presidential candidate, Prime Minister Modi said he had dedicated his life to public service and expressed confidence that he would be “the next president”.

“Droupadi Murmu Ji has dedicated his life to serving the community and empowering the poor, the oppressed and the disadvantaged.

“Millions of people, especially those who have experienced poverty and hardship, are gaining momentum in the life of St. Droupadi Murmu Ji. His understanding of policy issues and a compassionate environment will greatly benefit our country,” Modi said on Twitter.

Regarded as a soft-spoken and kind leader from Mayurbhanj, one of the most backward states in Odisha, Murmu held various positions in the rising ranks and was a minister in the government when the BJP co-sponsored the decision. Biju Janata Dal.

Known for taking a closer look at the main political message, the BJP hopes that Murmu’s appointment will help reach the Nation not only in his homeland but also in the country as he strives to mobilize various disadvantaged communities in good politics. results.

He will be the first President, if elected, born after independence. Modi often talks about being the first Prime Minister born after India gained independence and used the plank to reach more people.

He is likely to gain support from a number of non-NDA regional parties, including the ruling Odisha BJD, and even an opposition party such as Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, who heads Jharkhand and Congress, may find it difficult to oppose him as the party identifies him. itself the cause of the nations.

Nadda told reporters that about 20 names were discussed by the party leadership of a candidate for the presidency before deciding to elect a person from the eastern region as well as a national and a woman.


He said the ruling party wanted an agreement on the next president, but it did not happen as the opposition party continued to name it.

Nadda said union minister Rajnath Singh had also spoken to various party leaders, including those from the opposition, to reach an agreement but to no avail. The BJP spoke to its allies about Murmu’s appointment, he added.

A former government official who changed his mind about politics is likely to put his name in a few days, with June 29 being the last day.

Unfortunately, his name also ran in the BJP election to the top of the constitution in 2017, but Kovind then withdrew as his election.

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