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Arman Khan: The All-Rounder Entrepreneur with a Heart

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Arman Khan is an exceptional personality who has made a mark in various industries. He is the director of WeTel Television and has 15 years of experience in event management, fashion and modeling, scriptwriting, and production. He has also established several companies in Dubai and Oman, including WeTel TV UAE, DAC Advertising & Sign UAE, and WeTel Golf UAE.

Starting his career as a model and later becoming a director of popular Indian TV shows, Arman has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Salman Khan. He has also established the Arman Khan Foundation, a charity organization that focuses on education, women’s empowerment, and healthcare.

Arman’s dedication and hard work have earned him a well-respected reputation in various fields, from fashion to entertainment and business. His experience has taught him to be strong-willed and not to lose sight of his goals in the face of obstacles.

Arman Khan truly is an all-rounder entrepreneur with a heart, contributing to society while achieving success in his career.

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