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Antonio Bernard Ma-At Is A Leader, Writer, Youth Influencer And A Visionary From Tanjay, Negros Oriental Philippines

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Antonio Bernard Ma-at was born in 1999 in the humble city of Tanjay, Negros Oriental Philippines. Growing up, he was fascinated with arts, music and creative writing. He became a local artist as an entertainer vocalist of two resto-bars in 2018-19, and currently, He is a full pledge worship leader at Tanjay Assemblies of God.

He is a visionary and a leader influencing the youth of AG Tanjay to live a life with divine morality as a compass.

He is currently studying bachelor of business administration in marketing management,
He also gains interest in mathematics, philosophy, psychology, and theology.

He started his writing way back in 2020 and become a certified co-author of the book entitled ” Platonic Eternal Love ” compiled by Irti Noor in 2021.

Now He is currently co-authoring 100+ anthologies and became a co-compiler of Youth Words, Mothers of The World, and Stories from the crypt.

Antonio Bernard Ma-at with his book Mother’s of The World Volume 1

He is also the main compiler of an international anthology entitled “MOM” featuring 60 authors across 26 countries, ” A bond to last, and ” The Fortress of Home. “

His work has been translated to more than 50 languages and was published in turkeys newspaper.

He became a project head of humrooh publication house on March 24 2022 for the anthology series dedicated to all the parents. The books under his
leading are
“Moms care”
“Dad is my Strenght”, “Fathers First love”,
“My Dad my inspiration”, “Dear dad,
“Mom the well wisher”, “Dad my bestie” and “Mothers Affection”

Antonio has secured first place in 4 international writing competitions this year across 3 different writers’ communities “World of Writers, Turquoise and blue, and Words of Soul “.

Antonio Bernard Ma-at is the co-founder of New Leaf Writing Community is based in the U.S, and an Admin of “Cut from the same cloth “, which has1.8k writers.

He also became part of the Executive team of the Writers Global Movement on June 1,2022.

Now, He has been featured on more than 30 digital news websites as part of the “Top 10 Contemporary Authors of the World who Have mastered the Art of Writing.”

Antonio Bernard Ma-at has been featured on more than 30 digital news websites as part of the “Top 10 Contemporary Authors of the World who Have mastered the Art of Writing.”

Lastly, He is an author and a lecturer who deeply cherish God’s heart and loves poetically writing personal revelations

He hopes for a deeper connection to those who read, He also hopes that they will be blessed with wisdom and enlightenment as an outcome after reading his works.

My name is Shivam Kumar. Working as a content writer for a variety of websites, including Indianstories.live. In addition, I am currently the CEO of two digital marketing firms, Weboindia and Enrestro. For the past 5+ years, I've been writing blogs for over 30 websites and many guest blogs.

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