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All you need to know about Arya Tyagi and his Books

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Arya tyagi (born on  September 28, 2003) is a cyber security researcher and a young entrepreneur.He has written books on cyber security which will help all those who are interested in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. He explained about the basics of ethical hacking in his first book named as ‘’Hack the hackers before they hack you’’.  Further, he wrote “Exploiting Hackers’ Mindset” in which he covered topics from basics to intermediate level. And more importantly, his new book is authorized by Senior IPS officers of Uttar Pradesh .

In this modern era, as it is seen that cyber crime is increasing day by day. So everyone should have knowledge and awareness in order to protect themselves from cyber threats. As a result, Arya Tyagi is here with all that stuff one need to protect himself and to gain knowledge regarding cyber security. He covered some of the very interesting and important topics in his book such as:

  • Phases of Ethical Hacking.
  • Types of Cyber Crimes and Precautions.
  • Explanations about Cyber Intelligence.
  • How Individuals can stay safe on Internet.
  • Basics of Cyber Law.

Interesting thing about this book is that at the end of every chapter there is real life based case study related to the unit. The book has covered all the basic knowledge which any person should be aware about.

Arya Tyagi is the founder & CEO of “Webhack Solutions” which is a two years old start-up where they provides internet marketing services along with free cyber security solutions. As Mr.Tyagi is a person belonging to both cyber and business, he knows the role of cyber security under businesses and startups and accordingly he manages both. A person achieving all in such a young age is so exciting and inspiring.

Arya Tyagi is also an owner of the website ‘’ENTREPRENEUR ETHICS’’ which is a portal specializing in stories related to startups, entrepreneurs, cyber news and many more stuff. Entrepreneur Ethics is well renowned website by people.

For more information, you can follow him on different social media handles. He is surely going to make history in cyber security domain at such a young age.



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