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All My Love By Lohitaa Jose

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Indian Stories gives you the opportunity to read and review the write-ups/poems by popular writers/poets. Today’s content is written by Lohitaa Jose.

Who is Lohitaa Jose?

Lohitaa Jose completed her Masters. Now she is an English language trainer who loves travelling and reading books.

All My Love By Lohitaa Jose

Abhita, a chubby girl who is shy, reserved and Socially anxious, afraid to do something in front of boys because she studied all girls’ school. Manika, a brave, charming and matured girl. Since fifth grade, they have been great friends. They attended the same extracurricular activities and studied together. However, Abhita had to transfer to a different school after the tenth grade since she wanted to enroll in a medical programme. She had heard that the new school was excellent at providing preparation for medical admission exams. Manika and Abhita agreed to get together at least once every week.

Abhita transferred to her new school, she experienced insecurities. She entered the class without making eye contact with anyone. Soon after assembly started Abhita’s eyes capture someone who is Chubby and cute leading the assembly soon she came to that he is a school head boy. He gave a speech on the first day and his speech was impressive that everyone started to clap before he ends. She inspired by him, he came to know that his name is Chandru studying in the 12th grade and senior to her. In couple of days, they had freshers party it was led by school leader. Abhita surprised to see Chandru is a good dancer and she was amazed how talented he was!!! Abhita understood talent matters not the appearance and she was motivated to try.

Slowly she started to socialize among her peers. One day her school organized special session for high school students, so they wanted a student from 11th grade to give a welcome speech. Abhita wanted to try but hesitated none of her classmates came forward. So with hesitation she came forward that is her first time ever she volunteered herself. She feels a lot of anxiety before taking the stage. After struggling at initially, she performed brilliantly. Everyone complimented her on her clear pronunciation after the special meeting. She felt more assured. She began to participate in every opportunities she was given.

All My Love By Lohitaa Jose
All My Love By Lohitaa Jose

One day when Abhita met Manika she talked only about Chandru, Manika understood that Abhita is in Love. So she asked whether she in love? But Abhita denied Manika why are you always talking about him all day. Later that day, Abhita reflected on Manika’s statements and went over all the reasons she is fascinated by him, constantly follows him, gets anxious around him, and talks about him to her family and friends. She is aware that she attracted to him. She started to see him, she tried so hard to get his phone number. Days passed chandru completed his school, eventhough she is sad that she can’t see him. She is happy that her classmate Arjun, who is the cousin of Chandru, can provide update of him. Abhita moved to 12th grade so she wanted to concentrate on her studies. She is happy enough to know that Chandru enrolled in engineering college. Few days later she learned that Chandru’s mother passed away. She also came to know that her mother is a social activist who worked for the people who are in need. She is not with his son for more than 10 years. She came back to spend her time with his son but unfortunately. Abhita developed a strong attachment for him and wanted to give all her love to him. After finishing her last year of school, she made the decision to tell her parents.

Chandru and his friends often visit the school when there is occasion which made her elited. Abhita bought Manika to school annual day everyone starred at her beautiful and charming face. Most of them started to enquire about her and even enquired to Abhita. The following day, everyone started asking for her contact information, but Abhita refused to provide it without Manika’s permission. That eve Chandru enquired about her, even though she paused for a moment she trusted her friend. He asked for her contact she asked Manika and agreed to give. Every day, Manika and Chandru started talking. Chandru began to develop feelings for Manika. Abhita is busy getting ready for her final examinations,she got message from Chandru. Chandru said that Manika is not replying to his message she replied that she would busy with studies. But when she read the next message it break her heart into millions pieces, the message says “I felt my life would be better with her, so I asked her to be my better half”. She ran to restroom and sobbed, she don’t know what to do. The person she loved wanted to take care of, waiting for the answer for his love. Within few hours Manika came to Abhita’s house asked her to accompany for family gathering. Manika told everything that happened. Manika’s question made Abhita even more hurt, “should I accept his proposal or not?” If she had spoken this earlier, Abhita would have stopped feeling her feeling for him, but she never imagined Manika to be in love with him as well. Abhita then continued by saying, “It’s your life; you need to decide for yourself.”

Abhita is not her usual self because she is heartbroken, hurt and betrayed at the same time. Her parents chose to take the short trip because they were worried about her because she didn’t laugh. When they made an effort to make her happy, Abhita realized how many people care about her. She did not speak with Manika. Manika arrived a few days later and announced that she had accepted Chandru’s proposal. Even though it hurt, she wished them a good life and asked that her to take care of him.

My name is Shivam Kumar. Working as a content writer for a variety of websites, including Indianstories.live. In addition, I am currently the CEO of two digital marketing firms, Weboindia and Enrestro. For the past 5+ years, I've been writing blogs for over 30 websites and many guest blogs.

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  1. I loved abhita’s innocent and the fact is chandru don’t deserve her…
    Abhita is precious 💕

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