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After meeting Mahesh Babu and Namrata in New York, Bill Gates followed the Telugu superstar on Twitter and Instagram

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Mahesh Babu has gained new celebrity followers on Twitter and Instagram. It’s nothing but the legendary Bill Gates. Recently, Mahesh Bab and his wife Namratha Shriodkar had a great time meeting Bill Gates in New York. After meeting, Bill Gates followed Mahesh on two social media platforms and wrote that it was fun to meet a couple in New York.

Bill Gates chases Mahesh Bab and Namratha
Mahesh Bab and Namratha were on vacation in New York with their children. During their trip, the duo met Bill Gates at a restaurant.

Actors used social media to share their photos with Bill Gates. On June 30, Bill Gates reposted his photo on a social media page, stating that it was fun to meet Mahesh Bab and Namratha. He also followed Mahesh Babu on Twitter and Instagram.

Bill Gates wrote on Twitter: I’m glad to meet you and Namurata! Taking Instagram, he writes: It was fun to get to know you and Namurata! Taking the

Instagram, Mahesh Bab shared a photo with Bill Gates and wrote: One of the greatest visionaries this world has ever seen

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