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A tale of hope to tell by Anindita Rath

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Indian Stories gives you the opportunity to read and review the write-ups/poems by popular writers/poets. Today’s content is written by Anindita Rath.

Who is Anindita Rath?

Anindita Rath , keeps an interest in writing, reading and speaking on various topics. She has been working as an IT professional in an MNC for the past few years, yet she continues her journey of being a writer. She also has been a part of few anthologies till date. Her love for writing led her to create and dissect situations and create and present a different perspective on things.

She is happy to share and receive feedback and loves to collaborate with peer writers. And she is an explorer from the heart who likes to try different things and learn from them and from life experiences.

A tale of hope to tell by Anindita Rath

It was the middle of the night, and Sanket woke up and left his house. Isha (his wife ) and Om (his five-year-old son) were sleeping in the room. He felt suffocated sitting at home, thinking continuously about the same problem to which he couldn’t do anything about.

Isha and Sanket both had worked before in the same company and they had started liking each other and got married eventually. They both had planned everything for the future, and their responsibility after Om was to give him a good education and a good life despite the high standards of living in Mumbai. They had put him into the finest of schools and given him the possible best options they can afford at the time.

The neighbourhood where they bought a house was one of the posh places in Mumbai. Although it was on the higher side of their budget, considering it was close to most of the amenities such as the finest hospitals and schools, they decided to go with this house. The EMI was also not much considering they both were working and were at the peak time of their career. It seemed a logical decision at that point in time to both of them.

It was before one year since corona had hit, and Sanket had lost his job in the middle of the pandemic. Just before a few months of covid, he had decided to join a start-up since it was giving him a drastic increase in his salary and it was nearer to the place he was staying, he had decided to go for the opportunity. Sanket being the life of the party kind of person, mixed up in his new company very well. But unfortunately, he was one of the highest-paid employees in a start-up company when the pandemic hit, they had to bring down a few of the highest-paid people from the organization itself.

Even after winning multiple awards and recognitions, at that point in time, he had to face rejection from every company he tried. It was not just him, there were many people all over the world whose life was pulled apart by corona. It was a piece of common news in those days of companies being shut down or people being fired in huge amounts. This was even from the top organizations in the world.

Though Isha still had her job and she had managed the responsibilities all by herself since that day. Sanket used to feel the torment of seeing her doing it all alone, cutting off on the expenses and trying to put up a strong face in front of him so that he won’t feel bad or responsible about the situation. Sanket had taken over most of the household work just to make himself feel useful at home. He would go to the roof terrace of their building at night and cry for hours and console himself to get back to normal..

Isha could feel that the situation is affecting him too much and he was getting depressed too much. Being raised by a single mother he was the strongest person she had seen. And seeing him in this situation was too difficult for isha. Sanket is the kind of person he did not share much of what he was going through with isha but she could see him in pain and she could feel it was affecting his mental health as well.

That day when he left his house and went onto the terrace, he sat down on one edge of the wall and was going through his phone. Even though he had taken up many freelance projects in the meantime aand tried his best way to find jobs, he gave a number of interviews with many companies but he could not get through. Some of his friends too had offered a helping hand but considering the situation, he could not take help from anyone as many of them were going through the same, some are because of financial stress and some are because of the emotional stress of losing people.

While he was browsing through his mail for the nth number of times expecting good news of any kind. He stumbled upon one of the emails that he got from one of the top five organizations in India. He was too sure that it would be a rejection mail and his hands were shaking and he didn’t want to face one more rejection anymore. He looked up at the sky. He had tears in his eyes and he gathered the courage to open the mail. All bad times coming to an end, the mail stated that he had been selected and had gotten the offer.

It would not be a lie that sitting here on this terrace he had thought of jumping from it to escape all the things he was going through. He would walk up to the wall and look down but he never could gather the courage to jump. But today he wanted to jump out of happiness and joy. He cried, sobbed out of sheer happiness. He could feel everything was going to be okay at last.


My name is Shivam Kumar. Working as a content writer for a variety of websites, including Indianstories.live. In addition, I am currently the CEO of two digital marketing firms, Weboindia and Enrestro. For the past 5+ years, I've been writing blogs for over 30 websites and many guest blogs.

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