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A spine-chilling mystery by Preeti Nair Nayak

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Preeti Nair Nayak is a contemporary voice in the field of Indian literature.  She is a recognized author of poems, short stories, and her debut  detective series Scarred Roses.  It is the first of the nail biting Rak-Shak series, a thriller set in the Indian state of Rajastan.  Being  an architect, Preeti’s book is a reflection of the architectural and tourisms heritage of the rendezvous cities of Rajasthan.  Her pen captures the essence of the historical exquisiteness of Jodhpur, one of the fabulous cities of India. Moreover, Scarred Roses is the first of its kind of sister-sleuth stories set up in India in the context of grueling murder mysteries and conspiracies.

Have you ever heard of the historical story of Paswan Gulab Rai? She is a recognized, yet implicit figure in Indian history under the shades of Maharaja Vijay Singh of Marwar Kingdom. Scarred Roses is an attempt to give a justiciable presence for this powerful woman in Indian minds. The story revolves around a series of murders that creates an alarming concern in the city of Jodhpur. Two teenage sisters Raksha and Shakti, recalled with the tag name, Rak-Shak in the book, comes to the city to settle and receive an inheritance from their late mother. The rumors hint at the crimes being committed by the ghost of Maharaja’s concubine, Paswan Gulab Rai. She leaves behind scarred roses as an act of murder fulfillment crippling people’s mind with fear. Under the forceful compulsion of circumstances that lead to the death of their grandfather, Raksha and Shakti go for a murderer hunt unknotting the jumbling realities of the historical town. Their mother leaves them with a journal, assisting them in their investigation. The plot of the novel best suits the historical entanglements and mazes of the city, by giving a larger scope for nightmarish mysteries and ghost fancies.  While going through the frenzy of the story, readers feel the skip of breath and eager turning of pages to unearth the consequences of the murder maze. 

Scarred Roses is an incredible celebration of feminism, by commemorating the iconic figure of Gulab Rai. She is a potential heroine to be revered  in the modern times for her relentless contributions to the city of Jodhpur in the form of music and many more but sadly isn’t done justice to. Grab your copies to nurture  your love for the women warriors.

Scarred Roses is now available for download in Amazon


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