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A Mature Love Triangle by Pragati Bajaj

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Indian Stories gives you the opportunity to read and review the write-ups/poems by popular writers/poets. Today’s content is “A Mature Love Triangle by Pragati Bajaj.

Who is Pragati Bajaj?

Pragati Bajaj is a professional content writer and a digital marketer with shear interest in writing stories and poems. She says, “This story is my imagination of perfect and fulfilling love, which is felt by few in this universe.”

“I am a home-girl and work-from-home girl who is satisfied with what I have. My passion for writing is something that has made me expressive and open to learning!”

A Mature Love Triangle by Pragati Bajaj

Once in a small town, there was a girl who wanted to live a life full of bliss and wanted to cherish every moment. But her condition was way different than what she wanted. She was bought up in a family where going out was prohibited and lack of communication made her introverted.

Sooner, she started expressing her feeling on an app in form of poems, which were loved by people outside. She interacted with others and made some good connections. Her name was Soumya – a mild and silent girl.

On one fine day, Soumya was very depressed about her circumstances and hence, she posted something very terrifying stating a suicide. The same day, one of her connections asked her to join a group to have a conversation and get her out of a miserable situation.

Soumya refused.

But, that guy didn’t let her go. He asked Soumya again. And this time she couldn’t resist.

The same day, Soumya joined the group and started having conversations with people out there. Soon, everyone became friends and built connections. One such special connection that Soumya built was with Mahi.

He was a happy-to-go guy (the one who approached Soumya), and he was filled with laughter the whole day with his jokes. Mahi loved to make others laugh and was a mature guy.

Within a few days, they both started talking on a personal window where they shared their life stories. Mahi had heartbreak and never wanted to marry. Soumya had never loved anyone and her faith was fixed.

After months of constant conversation, two opposite personalities fell in love with one another.

It was nighttime when Mahi asked what Soumya loved. She said, “I want to live my life.”

Mahi asked, “What if I ask you something? But I am scared. If you say a NO, I’ll be a completely broken piece.”

Soumya replied, “You say what you want. You know all, and I am telling you that you won’t have to listen to a NO this time.”

Mahi again said, “Soumya, this is something that wasn’t planned, and I am scared.”

Soumya consoled him, “Please say it out Mahi, I am listening and waiting.”

Mahi finally said those three magical words, “Soumya, I love you.”

With a very shy face and text, Soumya replied, “ILU Mahi.”

But Mahi wasn’t satisfied. He asked her to say the words completely.

Soumya finally, with her heart full of love and butterflies in her stomach replied, “I Love You Too Mahi.”

And here, Mahi was flattened. He never expected this and never thought that he would fall in love again. On the other hand, Soumya had a destiny, and she knew her circumstances won’t let her love, but she did.

The relationship started and they talked each day. They knew that things in future won’t work, but still, they wanted this relationship.

Since then, Soumya was a girl who had all the happiness in the world. Mahi supported her at each stage of her life, making her an independent and strong personality of whom her parents and he (himself) was proud.

Mahi and Soumya were in a long-distance relationship, with Mahi who doesn’t want to marry and Soumya getting married in 5th year of their relationship.

Yes, the relationship worked longer than they expected, that too, by meeting thrice.

That’s when their lives changed, but love didn’t.

When Soumya got married to Akash, she never left Mahi. It was only love that had kept them both (Soumya-Mahi) together.

Soon, as Soumya was a wife of Akash, he slowly started loving her, caring for her, fulfilling her wishes, and giving her everything she wants.

On the other side, even Soumya conceived a soft corner for Akash, as he was the one living with her the entire day.

Hiding from others, Soumya still had daily conversations with Mahi and was never able to get him out of the heart. That’s true love.

With this triangle, she never confessed what she felt and for whom to Akash, and everything was going as expected.

A mature guy (Mahi) handled Soumya with extreme calmness and taught her how to be in a world where he can’t be with her. He never changed his status nor his love, and neither did Soumya, except for her status. But that never affected their relationship.

Akash was all away from this story, and soon, they both had kids and had a happy family life.

As and when years passed, Soumya craved for Mahi and she introduced Akash to Mahi in real. Now as Mahi was a happy-to-go person, he became a best friend of Akash.

They then travelled together, and had fun together, never thinking of the fact that something else was going alongside them.

A love story and family story was going smoothly which no one could ever think of.

This level of maturity and love was there between Soumya and Mahi, which kept them together.

The story never ended as maturity let them be in love unaffected by any social status!

My name is Shivam Kumar. Working as a content writer for a variety of websites, including Indianstories.live. In addition, I am currently the CEO of two digital marketing firms, Weboindia and Enrestro. For the past 5+ years, I've been writing blogs for over 30 websites and many guest blogs.

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