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3 Rajasthan districts top performers in school education: Govt report

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The three districts of Rajasthan have done very well in assessing the School’s regional level (PGI-D) performance of the school education system, according to a report released by the Union Department of Education on Monday.
Three counties – Sikar, Jhunjhunu and Jaipur – were rated at ‘Utkarsh’ (achieved 81-90% on the 100th scale) in 2019-2020 unlike last year when no district was present in that category, the report said. , which covers school performance for your district level for both 2018-19 and 2019-20. The three regions scored 488, 486 and 482 points respectively, out of 600, the report said.

Although the Department has been releasing the PGI report at the state level from 2017-18, it is the first time that the regional report card has been issued. The report separated 725 regions for 2018-19 and 733 districts for 2019-20.

PGI-D assessed the performance of district level in school education based on data collected from a variety of sources, including the Unified District Information System for Education Plus (UDISE +), National Achievement Survey (NAS), 2017 and data provided by districts respectively.

The PGI-D framework covers a total weight of 600 points in all 83 indicators, grouped under six categories: Outcomes, Successful Classwork, Infrastructure & Student Rights, School Safety and Child Protection, Digital Learning Process and Management. These categories are also divided into 12 domains.

Two phases – digital literacy and active classroom transactions – were added after the Covid-19 epidemic. These sections were not part of the PGI level of government.

The assessment makes the districts 10 grades. The highest accessible grade is ‘Daksh’, which is a region that receives more than 90% of the total points in that category or in total. Followed by ‘Utkarsh’ (81% to 90%), ‘Ati Uttam’ (71% to 80%), ‘Uttam’ (61% to 70%), ‘Prachesta-1’ (51 % to 60%). and ‘Prachesta-2’ (41% to 50%). The lowest grade in PGI-D is ‘Akanshi-3’ which is up to 10% of the total score.

No region has achieved the highest degree of ‘Daksh’ in both years.

The number of districts in all other categories has increased, the report said. In the ‘Ati Uttam’ category, the number of districts increased from 49 to 86 in 2018-19 to 2019-20 showing “significant progress”, the report said. Rajasthan has the highest 24 states in the region, followed by Punjab (14), Gujarat (13), and Kerala (13).

According to the Department of Education, only one district has made more than 20% improvement in the results category in 2019-20 compared to 2018-19 and eight districts have improved their marks by more than 10%. “Some 33 districts have improved their scores on results, but there is no improvement in quality. The outcomes category includes student learning outcomes, teacher availability and professional outcomes, ”the report said.

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